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FFL Transfer Procedure:

We appreciate you contacting us before you send us a firearm; this will allow us to expedite your FFL transfer and avoid time-consuming mistakes.

       Phone: (719) 223-9936


We will not send our FFL information without a request made by the transferring FFL first.

For Transfers

1. The seller or FFL that you are purchasing the firearm from must e-mail their FFL                      to, and we will reply with our FFL information. Please make            sure that the seller or dealer sends documentation containing your contact information.


2.  Upon reception of your firearm, we will ensure its compliant with Federal and Colorado State laws.         If  Compliant-modifications are required, we will send you a work order. Once we get your approval,       we will start the compliance-work.


3.  Once your firearm is ready for pick up, we will contact you, and schedule your pickup time to                   pick up your firearm. Make sure to bring a, valid driver’s license.


4.   Lastly, you will be required to fill out the 4473 form and pass a NICS background check.

We can not accept NFA items, also known as Class 3 firearms, include fully automatic firearms, short barrel shotguns, and short barrel rifles. Other NFA items may be sound suppressors, destructive devices or weapons known as AOW (any other weapon)

  Private Firearm Transfer

A private firearm transfer refers to a sale, gift, loan, or other transfer of a firearm between two non-licensed individuals. Private firearm transfers are common and entirely legal to conduct in Colorado. However, as of July 1, 2013, Colorado law now requires the majority of private firearm transfers to be facilitated through a dealer with a Federal Firearms License (“FFL”).

1.  Bell Ave Studios must be contacted to set an appointment.​


2.  Both parties must be present for transfer

3.  Private seller must retain possession of firearm until transfer is complete.


4.  Transferee will be required to fill out the 4473 form and pass a NICS background check. 

All firearm sales or transfers, including gunsmith services, must be picked up no more than 30 days after purchase or receiving of the transfer. Storage fees may apply after the 30 day period.

For more information on firearm legalities please Colorado Bureau of Investigation at

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