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What We Offer


Bell Ave Studios is a local gunsmith that offers a variety of services. 


FFL Transfers

Bell Ave Studios offers firearm transfer services. 

Stock refinishing 

We offer several types of stock finishes from:

Hunter Finish - Unfilled oil or lacquer finish

Gunsmith Finish - Filled, rubbed oil finish

High-gloss Finish - High shine finish that will catch the eye of all your friends and family

Scope Mounting and Sighting

We’ll install new sights that can help you achieve a better sight picture and more accurate results. For sight-in work, please bring 1 box of the same ammunition that you plan on using

AR Assembly and more

We can help with several aspects of your AR. Whether it is a complete upper / lower assemble that needs to be build or a complete rifle build, Bell Ave studio has you covered. We can upgrade and install most aftermarket parts from flash hiders to buffer tubes to foregrips to triggers and more.

Trouble Shooting and Repair

A gun can be a finely-tuned piece of mechanical equipment, capable of functioning precisely and flawlessly. If your gun has a mechanical problem, or is not functioning to its finest, the best thing you can do for it is to visit Bell Ave Studios. We offer affordable prices and offer estimates for all work prior to repair.

Firearm Consignment

Do you own a firearm that you just don’t use and would like to sell? Bell Ave Studios can list it and help you sell it.

Firearm Cleaning

Cleaning your firearms regularly is one of the most important things you can do to ensure longevity and accuracy with your firearms. Even if a firearm doesn’t look physically dirty, we are able to disassemble the gun, check and correct any cleanliness and lubrication issues, and keep your firearm in perfect working condition

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